Marine Propulsion :: Gas Turbine - Electric

Gas Turbine and Electric machinery arrangement for LHD-8.
Gearbox arrangement for LHD-8.
US Navy LHD-2 Essex propelled by Steam Turbines. LHD-8 onwards will be Gas Turbine/Electric.

SSS Clutches can be used for automatic changeovers between Gas Turbine drive and Electric drive (CODLOG) or can be used to allow combined operation (CODLAG).

The Amphibious Assault Ship shown is the US Navy vessel Essex, LHD-2, with steam turbine propulsion. From LHD-8 this class will be Gas Turbine/Electric powered.

At high speed the LHD-8 will be driven by two LM2500+ gas turbines, for lower speed operation AC motors will be used. The propellers are controllable reversible pitch propellers and SSS Clutches are fitted in both the GT and Electric Drives for automatic changeovers.

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