Marine Propulsion :: Power Generation

A Maersk line container vessel, in Sydney Australia, with SSS Clutches in the power generation system.
Diagram of the energy saving system on the Maersk line vessels.

SSS Clutches can be used in marine generator drives on ships to give...
Improved efficiency
Fast Response
Power Factor Correction

The Maersk Line refridgerated container vessel shown, one of twelve, uses the energy from the exhaust gas of the propulsion diesel to to drive a generator as well as the diesel turbocharger.

The generator is driven by a steam turbine fed from the Diesel Exhaust Heat Recvovery Boiler and additionally by exhaust turbines fed with surplus exhaust not required by the turbocharger. At low diesel powers 1 or both exhaust turbines are shutdown and disconnected using the SSS Clutches.

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