Marine Propulsion

Record breaking Destriero - driven through SSS Clutches by Gas Turbines & Diesels.
US Navy Arleigh Burke Destroyer with gas turbine propulsion including SSS Clutches.
A Maersk line refridgerated container vessel with SSS Clutches in the power generation system.

SSS Clutches are selected for marine propulsion to give automatic changeovers between multiple engines in various propulsion systems...
Drivers Propulsors
Gas Turbines Fixed Pitch Propellers
Diesel Engines CRP Propellers
Electric Motors Pump Jets

SSS Clutches can also be used in marine generator drives on ships to give...
Improved Efficiency
Fast Response
Power Factor Correction

SSS Clutches are used for marine gas turbine starting and turning systems.

They provide operating flexibility and high reliability and are tolerant of adverse conditions.

In 1958, the Royal Navy ordered SSS Clutches for their “Country” Class Destroyers and “Tribal” Class Frigates. These vessels used steam turbine main engines with “boost” power provided by two 7500 hp gas turbines driving through SSS clutches. Since then, the SSS Clutch has been selected by 30 of the world’s navies for over 500 ships, ranging from fast patrol craft to aircraft carriers.

Naval propulsion machinery is unusual in that it must be capable of long periods of efficient operation at low power but also be able to quickly deliver very high power when necessary. In modern surface warships this varied power profile is usually met by propulsion machinery based on gas turbine main engines, either in multiples or in combination with lower power cruise engines. The most appropriate engine, or combination of engines, is then coupled to the propellor to give the required power.

An essential requirement of such machinery is a reliable automatic clutch and the SSS clutch, with its exceptional ability to accept very high power and very high speed has become a universally recognised solution.

Many modern fast ferries have also adopted propulsion machinery based on gas turbines and again SSS clutches are used to allow flexible operation of the vessel.

Over 2000 marine main propulsion SSS clutches have now been supplied to transmit over 3 million kW.

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