Process Plant

SSS Clutches enable fans, pumps, compressors and other industrial systems to be dual driven. The drive can be transferred from one prime mover to the other automatically at any speed. Dual driven systems provide Energy Recovery, Redundancy, Maintenance during operation, Startup and Helper (boost) drives.

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    Industrial fans are high torque, relatively low speed drives that benefit from being a dual driven as they often need to startup on electric motor and later changeover to steam turbine drive when the process is established. For process continuity they also need to immediately change back to electric drive in certain failure modes.

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    Many processes need high pressure ingredients and therefore pumps. The process then results in a high pressure product and rather than wasting the mechanical energy in this product a Recovery Turbine can be used reclaim the energy by driving the pump.

  • High Speed Compressors

    With it’s ability to operate at high running speeds and it’s inherent reliability the SSS Clutch provides the perfect coupling for dual driven compressors.

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    Reciprocating Compressors

    Often situated outside in arduous conditions and driven by reciprocating engines (gas or diesel) with potentially severe torsional vibrations particularly in failure modes, reciprocating compressors are a challenging application for other coupling types but present no problems for the SSS Clutch.

  • Arrangements

    Different SSS Clutch configurations include shaft supported (replaces a flexible coupling or interacted into a gearbox supplied by others) or foot supported, self-lubricated or pressure lubricated, bearing less or sleeve type or rolling bearing element. es can be provided as shaft provides.