Power Generation

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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Stand-alone power plants in remote sites or critical applications like data centres need fast response generation sets that can provide a stable local grid if normal power supplies have faulted.

On a UPS system, the SSS Clutch enables the generator to remain synchronised to the grid with the backup prime mover shutdown. The generator spins to provide power factor correction and voltage support to the load even when on standby.

As the generator is already synchronised, the prime mover can start quickly and provide active power very fast with battery or flywheel energy storage to bridge the gap between grid interrupt and prime mover generation. SSS Clutches can accept very fast acceleration rates (up to 4000rpm/sec at engagement) but on sensitive load applications, where the supply changeovers must be seamless, low accelerations are adopted, in either case the SSS Clutch is fully mechanical and automatic.