Marine Propulsion

SSS Clutches automate engine changeovers in propulsion systems for naval ships, cargo vessels, fast ferries and special pleasure yachts. Our clutches are also used in ship electrical generation systems. SSS is the benchmark for operating flexibility and reliability in the tough conditions of the marine environment.

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    Modern Propulsion References

    Since its original specification for marine naval propulsion 1959, SSS Clutches total more than 5,000 marine propulsion references across 40 different world navies in COSOS, COSAS, COSAG, COGAG, CODAG, COGOG and CODOG propulsion applications.

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    Unrivalled Experience

    SSS Clutches have resolved many issues that have dogged warship programs, giving 40+ global navies and marine propulsion designers the confidence required for robust and reliable operation.

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    Marine History

    When friction plate synchronising designs failed within the British Royal Navy Y-100 propulsion machinery, it became obvious very quickly that engaging and disengaging turbines within rough seaway motion was too arduous for a friction plate design, whereas SSS Clutches were perfectly suited.