Power Generation

The power generation industry includes some of the most powerful turbomachinery systems ever constructed; SSS provides innovative solutions that are vital in meeting their stringent requirements.

Modern powerplant must be more flexible than ever before and SSS Clutches are a key element to provide this capability.

With over half a century of experience and with continuing development and a fleet of more than 45,000 automatic overrunning clutches, SSS is unchallenged as the reliable and experienced partner in high power/high speed power transmission.

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    Singleshaft Combined Cycle

    Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT), where the energy in the gas turbine exhaust is recovered by producing steam and using that to drive a steam turbine, make exceptional power plants due their high efficiency, quick installation and relatively low capital cost.

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    Combined Heat & Power

    Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is an efficient process used to simultaneously generate electricity and heat. Often a steam turbine is used to generate electricity and the remaining heat is used for district heating or process requirements. However the heat and electricity demand is seldom constant, so disconnecting the turbine using an SSS Clutch can provide greater flexibility.

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    Peaking Power Plant

    Peaking power plants (Peakers) are plants that only run when there is a high/peak demand for electricity. This set up generally uses a gas turbine to drive a generator in order to provide fast response peak power when required. An SSS clutch offers the flexibility to allow the generator to be put to alternative use when the generator is at rest.

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    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Stand-alone power plants in remote sites or critical applications like data centres need fast response generation sets that can provide a stable local grid if normal power supplies have faulted.