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Industrial fans are high torque, relatively low speed drives that benefit from being a dual driven as they often need to startup on electric motor and later changeover to steam turbine drive when the process is established. For process continuity they also need to immediately change back to electric drive in certain failure modes. This an ideal arrangement for a dual drive with SSS particularly as the SSS drives through the large surface area of concentric  gear teeth giving a huge overload capability and intrinsic long life.

SSS Clutches can mounted with flexible elements to directly replace a double element flexible coupling or can be independent in a foot mounted casing with features to allow the driving machine to be removed for maintenance without interrupting the operation of the fan. Clutches can be arranged with a self-contained oil system or can use the main pressurised oil system if available.

Typical drives:-

  • Induced Draught Fans
  • Forced Draught Fans
  • Steel mill blowers
  • Boiler fans
  • Ammonia fertiliser
  • Phosphorous
  • Nitric Acid
  • Methanol
  • Hydrogen