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The quality procedures adopted by SSS have been developed to maintain and improve our already proven operating practices and to ensure that all of our clutches perform flawlessly throughout their long life. Our procedures are equivalent to the requirements of ISO 9001.

Additionally SSS Clutches are used in military (naval) applications in the USA, UK, Japan and many other countries where separate stringent national quality standards apply.

Procedures in the Company's Quality Manual are formally reviewed and audited annually by SSS management and managers continually assess the effectiveness of working practices, and seek improvement of products and procedures at all times.

SSS encourages customers or potential customers to visit our offices and works on an informal basis so that an outline of the SSS quality system and its achievements can be described.

The final measure of success for a quality system is the product itself and the quality of SSS Clutches has been proven over many years and is confirmed by the products and the success of the company itself over 60 years.