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Photo courtesy of NetApp Bangalore

The NetApp Bangalore data centre uses 4 Piller Diesel Rotary Uninterrupted Power Supply (DRUPS) systems with a total capacity of 8000kVA to support their critical application.

NetApp Inc., is a hybrid cloud data services and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. NetApp has five data centers, Sunnyvale, CA; Durham, NC; Boulder, CO; Amsterdam; and Bangalore.

NetApp’s Bangalore campus is the largest outside of the United States. A single building houses an R&D lab, offices and a data center. The data center occupies 1,200 of the 100,000 total square meters of floor space yet consumes the majority of the energy. About 2,500 employees work on the campus, which began operating in 2017.

Power supply reliability and quality from the grid are a major concern for critical applications like data centers and semi conductor manufacturing...

This data center is one of the first in India to use a DRUPS system from Piller Power. Piller Power Systems is Europe’s leading producer of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for mission-critical power applications such as data centres and semiconductor manufacturing.

Photo courtesy of Piller Power Systems

Data centres and other critical electrical loads need continuous clean power and standby generation capacity in case of grid issues. Leaving the generator synchronised to the grid with the backup prime mover shutdown, the rotary generator provides power factor correction and voltage support to the load even when on standby.

A diesel engine is connected via an SSS Clutch to a motor / generator and a separate short duration flywheel generator. As the generator is synchronised, the prime mover can start quickly and provide active power very fast with flywheel energy storage to bridge the gap between grid interrupt and prime mover generation.

SSS Clutches can accept very fast acceleration rates (up to 4000rpm/sec at engagement) but on sensitive load applications, where the voltage profile during changeovers must be seamless, low accelerations are adopted, in either case the SSS Clutch is fully mechanical and automatic.

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NetApp DRUPS system (PDF)

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